Jumat, 30 Desember 2016

Malaysia: Tabung Haji to Increase Haj Subsidy by RM40Mil Next Year

PHA3M -- Tabung Haji (Pilgrimage Fund Board) will spend RM200mil to subsidise pilgrims next year compared to RM160mil this year.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the subsidy was part of the government's effort to maintain and uphold the grandeur of Islam in Malaysia and help Muslims to perform the fifth pillar of Islam.

"Despite the rising cost of managing the haj each year, going up to RM19,550 a person next year, the rate does not change for the haj pilgrims, which is still maintained at RM9,980 a person.

"In fact, more than that, Tabung Haji also provides a subsidy for haj pilgrims to further facilitate their performance of the haj worship that is accepted by Allah," he said in his latest jotting in his official blog, najibrazak.com.

Najib said the performance of the haj pilgrimage is far easier and simpler via Tabung Haji which allowed Muslims to save up money for the trip to the holy land.

He said Tabung Haji also performed a role to arrange and manage haj pilgrims to Makkah and ensuring their security, comfort and welfare when performing the haj.

"Performing the haj is part of the pillars of Islam and the government is very concerned and aware that Muslims in Malaysia harbour an aspiration to visit the holy land as a guest of Allah one day.

 "In the past, Malaysians had to save money for decades, some had to sell jewellery, property and livestock to finance their visit to Makkah," he said. (sumber)

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